Meeting point is at Civic Center tourist info office. Check days and starting times for each walking tour. 


Thursday 10:00 am

Ask for special tours for your group

We will discover Bariloche´s iconic picturesque architectural site with 3 monuments and key historic events the surrounding area. We will explore the Civic Center site from different angles and find out a story for each of them. This is also an introductory tour to the other thematic walking tours offered: German footprint, TEN Secrets, Indigenous Peoples and Bariloche Flavours . Duration: 25 minutes

$ ? pesos  (TIP based tour)


Thursday 10:30 am

Ask for special tours for your group

We uncover the best kept secrets, stories and myths about Bariloche, Nahuel Huapi & Patagonia. With urban, lake & mountain views, we will walk by historical sites, monuments, alleyways, gardens, chocolate stores, and more. We will share stories and town gossips. Duration: 90 min

$ 2000 ARS pesos  


Wednesday 11:45 am

Ask for special tours for your group

We will discover Patagonia indigenous people’s history and present while walking through Bariloche downtown. Who are they? How is their culture? When and how did they arrive? How did the European colonization impacted on them? And how did the expansion of Argentina state into Patagonia? What is their current status? A controversial topic. Duration: 90 minutes.

$ 2000 ARS pesos


Wednesday 10:00 am

Ask for special tours for your group

We uncover myths and stories about waves of German immigration that arrived to Bariloche. From the time of Bariloche´s colony all the way to post 2nd world war. We explore nazi presence, some myths, and the role, of the Argentinean government. We walk & pass by Bariloche´s foundation site, the Andean Club, the German School and the German neighbourhood. Duration: 90 minutes

$ 2000 ARS pesos 


Thursday 12:0 pm (lunch)

Ask for special tours for your group

While we walk around downtown, we taste regional delights and drinks. Well known food stores, chocolate strores, icecream stores, and breweries will open up their doors and share with us their special treats. A journey through local food, delights & drinks so you can choose your favourites. Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Taste during this tour delights from Ahumadero Weiss, Valleverde, Cervecería Bachmann, Chimi, One Resto Bar, Rapa Nui, Delirante Coffee store, La Scala licores, La 10 empanadas, Patagonia Vinos, La Quesería, & Jauja ice creams. Participating food stores and tastings will vary on different days and times.

ASK  (includes  drinks, food & desserts ! )


You chose the day, time, and tour  

Ideal for groups or special days & time. We uncover secrets, myths and stories about Bariloche and the Nahuel Huapi National Park. We can go for any of the tours: Civic Center, German footprint, Indigenous Peoples, Bariloche flavours, or Ten secrets. Or we can design a route and special topic of your interest. A mini-trekking is also an option. BUT in case you don´t feel like walking, we can turn any of the above in a cafe conversation. Duration: 2 hours

Ask for private groups prices

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